Meet Relay

From the innovators at Republic Wireless comes Relay—a nationwide cell phone alternative that kids love and parents can trust. With Relay, kids get the simple pleasures of an analog childhood, with all the safety of modern connectivity.

Go far, stay close

Relay works a lot like an old-fashioned walkie-talkie, except that it’s powered by both WiFi and 4G LTE cellular—so you can connect down the street, across the country, and anywhere you’d use a cell phone. And parents with smartphones can connect with their kids’ Relay devices using the Relay app (for iOS, Android, and Microsoft).
With Relay, you can start a two-way conversation by pushing a single button—and stop worrying about screen addiction, questionable content, privacy, or the other concerns that come with putting a smartphone in the hands of young children.

Talk, listen, learn, and move

Kids can use Relay to check in with family and talk with friends. It’s weather-resistant and kid-tough, and unlike kid-tracker watches, Relay never feels like a tether.

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