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Wondering what the buttons and lights mean on your Relay?

Let's take a look!

1. Talk button

  • Press and hold to talk

  • Press five times to activate an SOS alert

2. Power button

  • Press and hold to power on/off the device

  • Quick press to cycle through the chats and enabled channels on the device

  • Press once to play any Missed Messages

3. Volume/Assistant button

  • Quick press to increase the volume, and the LED light will show the current volume level in a circular pattern

  • Press and hold to use Relay Assistant

The LED ring tells you information about your Relay.

  • Activating: Circling rainbow light

  • Volume: White light shows current volume level when using volume button

  • Talking: Solid white light

  • Missed messages: Flashing green light

  • Battery life: Quick press the talk button. The partial light represents the battery percentage.

  • Battery life less than 20%: Flashing red light

  • Charging: Solid green light (powered on); solid red light (powered off)

Charging your Relay: 

Attach the charger to the back of your Relay. The cord and charging pins must be in the orientation as shown in order for the Relay to properly charge! 

When the Relay is charging, depending on the battery status and if it is powered on, you'll either see a white/blue light or a red light around the Push and Talk button. 

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