How does messaging work?

You can have 1:1 communication (Direct Chats), Group Chats, and playback messages and message transcriptions in the Relay app - Messaging FAQs.

How do you change the channel on a Relay?

You can change between different chats and channels on the Relay device by using the Relay Assistant or using the channel/power button on the side of the Relay - How to Change between Chats and Channels on Relay.

What does the flashing green light on my Relay mean?

A flashing green light on the Relay indicates that the Relay has a Missed Message that has yet to be listened to. Missed Messages typically come when you send a Direct Chat to a Relay that is on a different channel - Chat Guide - How to Talk to Different People.

How does the GPS tracking capability work with Relay?

The GPS tracking capability works by providing you with the most recent location in the Relay app upon request. The Geofencing feature also allows one to be automatically notified when a Relay leaves or enters an area that was set in the app - GPS tracking and Geofencing.

What extra features are available for Relay?

Relay gives you access to several different channels such as language translation, music playback, daily jokes, and other interactive items - Additional Features and Channels.

How do I allow another app user to communicate with my Relay?

If you wish to have other smartphone users communicate with your Relay, you'll need to invite them to your account.

How do I allow a Relay on another account to communicate with my Relay device?

Cross account communication is possible through Group Chats which you can invite other accounts to join - How to Set up and Use Cross Account Communication.

How do I allow another Relay app user to communicate with my Relay?

If you wish to have other smartphone users communicate with your Relay, you'll need to invite them to your account.

Can Relay contact 911 Emergency Services?

Relays have the ability to initiate emergency SOS alerts that will allow app users to call 911, providing operators with automatic insight on the Relay user - SOS Emergency Alerts and 911 Escalations.

How do I add a second Relay to my account if I already have one?

You can activate other Relays via the Relay app by simply tapping the "+" icon on the Relay app's home screen and selecting "Activate a Relay" (you must be the account owner).

How do I activate Relay?

You can activate Relay via the Relay app on your smartphone. The app is available on Android and iOS. For activation and setup instructions, see Set Up Relay.

Can I pair my Relay via Bluetooth?

No, a Relay cannot connect to another bluetooth capable device. Bluetooth on a Relay device is only available during activation, it is not needed for activation nor is it accessible after a Relay has been activated

Do Relays have phone numbers?

No, Relays do not have phone numbers.

How many Relays can I have on my account?

You can have up to 10 Relays on one account.

What type of accessories are available?

Relay accessories can be found here.

How many channels can I have on each Relay?

You can have as many chats as you see fit for the Relay to communicate with.

How do I charge my Relay?

Quick charge magnetic cables will ship with each Relay. We purposely avoided using a charging port to make Relay more durable - without a port, the chance of water, dirt, or sand damage to the charging port is eliminated. For more info, see How to Charge Relay.

Will it work outside of the USA?

At this time, Relay will not work in Canada or Mexico. It will only work in the United States.

Will Relay work when on a cruise?

No. Due to the Relay being in open water there would not be a cell signal for the Relay to connect to. The Relay can connect to WiFi for service, but it cannot connect to "Guest" WiFi accounts requiring a password or acceptance of terms and conditions (Captive Portal Networks) which most cruise liners rely on to provide WiFi to their guest.

Can I give a Relay to someone as a gift?

Yes, you can give someone a Relay as a gift. If the device has been canceled the new owner would simply need to install the app and perform a factory reset on the device to activate it. If a brand new device has yet to be activated, simply provide the Relay to the desired party and they'll be able to activate it without the need for a factory reset.

How Long is the Relay battery life?

Relay has a unique battery that was designed specifically to the shape and size of Relay. This battery typically lasts for 1-2 days before it needs to be recharged depending on usage and coverage.

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