Ready to get started using your Relay? Awesome! These steps below will get you through activation by using WiFi. Not in a WiFi area? No problem, you can also activate over a Cell Network connection with the option to Skip activation over WiFi. 


  1. Download and Install the Relay by Republic app:
     Google Play Store | Apple App Store 

  2. Open the Relay app

  3. Sign into a current account or create a new account
    (If you’re creating a new account, you’ll be asked for your name, email address, a password, a phone number, and billing information)

  4. Follow the on-screen steps to power on your Relay 

  5. In the Relay app, tap on Next

  6. Tap on the Relay Device you wish to activate.
    (If normal activation does not work, tap on Skip in upper-right to activate over cell)

  7. Tap on Connect to WiFi

  8. Tap on your WiFi network’s name

  9. Enter the WiFi network’s password and tap Connect
    (You can check the box by Show Password to see what you’re typing.)

  10. On the Relay, press the Talk button 3 times to get the activation code

  11. In the Relay app, tap on the boxes and enter the activation code

  12. Tap Next and follow the on-screen steps to complete activation

Reactivaing a Used/Preowned Relay

Inorder to reactivate a Relay after you have cancelled your service, you would have to get in touch with our Relay support team as they will have to reactivate the SIM card in your Relay inorder for you to reactivate it.

In the App, tap on the question mark in the upper right corner of the screen. Or, sign in here using an internet browser. 

The Relay support team will need the following information:

Having Issues Activating your Relay?

Try reviewing the follwing article for helpful tips on how to get your new Relay up and running - Errors/Issues with Activation.

Additional Notes

  • Have you purchased items from Do you have service with Republic Wireless? Turns out, you may already have an account with us! Use this login information during the activation process!

  • Each Relay would need to be activated separately as the Relay App doesn’t allow for multiple activations done at a single time. 

  • Be advised, the Terms & Conditions will no longer show after activating your first Relay. 

  • By default, the Relay is likely to be on an earlier device version than our current device version. Ensure to update your Relay to take advantage of the fun new features. Learn more about updating your Relay in this article: How to Force an Update to the Relay

Now that you've activated your Relay, and
you're ready to begin, click below to our Quick Start Guide
 to learn more on Relay and it's functionality!

Still have questions? Ask Support!

Need help with your Relay?
Chat with our support agents online or within your Relay app once you've created an account.

In the App, tap on the question mark in the upper right corner of the screen. Or, sign in here using an internet browser. 

  • Once signed in, a widget will appear with a friendly greeting. Here's where you can begin a conversation with us.

  • Our widget will also contain information such as 'System Status', Helpful Articles, and more! 

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