Your Relay has two channels by default. The rest you can add in the Relay App:

  1. Relay channel: A group chat channel for all your Relays to talk to one another
  2. Echo channel: A playback channel that plays anything you say back to you either slower or faster. No one else hears messages sent to this channel.
  3. Chat Channel: User made channels that can accommodate different groupings of Relays and app users.  You can also invite people from other accounts to this channel (referred to as Open Chat). 
  4. Instant Chat channel: Chat with Relays on other accounts by bumping devices. Leave the chat and reset the group when you're done.
  5. Music channel: Play locally stored music from your Relay. Shuffle, skip, pause, and go back by pressing the talk button.
  6. Translate channel: With the app update to 1.10, this channel has multiple languages to translate from/to.
  7. Joke of the Day channel: Listen to kid friendly jokes every day.

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