• Computer
  • Relay on ROM version 1.5 (130)


  1. Enable the Music channel on one or more of your Relays 
  2.  Change the channel on your Relay to Music
  3.  Plug your Relay into your computer via the USB charging cable Note: If you’re using a Mac, your computer won’t recognize your Relay without Android File Transfer. Download it on your mac from:
  4. Your Relay will load as a disk drive. Open the disk drive and go to the folder titled Music
  5. Copy and paste music files into the Music folder
  6.  Unplug your Relay and see How to Listen to Music on a Relay

How to Play Music

  • To play or pause music, press the “talk” button once
  • To skip to the next track, press the “talk” button twice
  • To go to the previous track, press the “talk” button three times
  • To shuffle music, long press the “talk” button for 10 seconds to turn shuffle on and off

Additional Notes

  • Each Relay can store about 1 GB of music
  • Tracks play in alphanumerical order by folder
  • We support most major audio formats (mp4, m4a, aac, flac, 3gp, mid, mp3, mkv, ogg) they must be DRM free.
  • Most common issues; (1) Relay is not on the latest Firmware (2) Relay is not on the Music channel when plugged into the computer
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