1. Open the Relay App
  2. Tap the menu button in the upper left corner (three horizontal lines)
  3. In the mid-upper left, tap on Track Location
  4. This will bring you to a map with all the Relays on the account which then you can tap on individual ones for their location history

Alternatively, you can tap on the menu button in the upper left of the Relay app (three horizontal lines) and do the following as well to get you to the map and location history of each Relay:

  1. Tap the Relay you would like to know the history of. 
  2. Make sure Location is enabled (toggle will be to the right and green)
  3. Tap on the Location enabled area (on the wording)
  4. This will bring up the map and where the Relay is currently located.

Additional Notes

  • You will also see the history of where it has been and you can also refresh the location with the circular return arrow.  
  • Tapping on the pin for the Relay on the map will zoom in to the map and you can resize as needed (by spreading or pinching your fingers on the screen).  

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