What's needed?

  • Relay app version 1.4.46 and higher (Android and iOS)
  • Relay


To send a message

  1. Open the Relay app
  2. From the Relay Chat screen, press and hold the microphone button at the bottom
  3. Speak your message
  4. Release the button when finished

Additional Notes

  • The microphone button will turn blue while you're speaking and once you're finished speaking, you will hear a beep

To receive a message

As long as you have the Relay app open and set to the appropriate channel, you will be able to hear the message when it comes through 

Additional Notes  

  • If the Relay app isn't open and someone with a Relay is talking to you, you won't hear it. The person with the Relay will receive a message saying that "no one in your group is online" and they will see a red light. 

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