To Send a Message

  1. Ensure your Relay is set to the proper channel that you want to communicate to
  2. Press and Hold the Talk button--Upon pressing the Talk button to send your message, your Relay will make two quickly ascending tones to indicate that the outbound audio stream has been opened ("doot-DOOT")
  3. Speak clearly into the Relay
  4. Release the Talk button when finished--Your Relay will make two quickly descinding tones to indicate that the outbound audio stream has been closed ("DOOT-doot")
  5. When/if the message is received by at least one other Relay on the channel, the sending device will hear one more high pitched tone ("DINK")

Additional Notes

  • If no one in the group is online, the Relay will interrupt you and let you know this.
  • If there is a problem delivering the message to the other Relays, the sender will be notified by a pair of descending notes (deeper than the "closing audio stream" tone - "DONG-dong")

To Receive a Message

  1. Ensure that Relay is turned onĀ 
  2. When a message is sent, it will be received as long as their is another Relay or Relay app connected and on the channel you are communicating with.

Additional Notes

  • If your Relay is on a custom or private channel when a message is sent to it, it will automatically switch to the Relay channel

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