1. Press and hold the Power and Volume buttons at the same time
  2. While holding the Power and Volume buttons down, press and hold the Talk button (don't wait to long to press or it will power off).  You may also hear this device is now locked but please continue to hold all three buttons.
  3. Relay will announce "Continue holding the buttons to Factory Reset the device" while you continue to hold
  4. The Relay will vibrate once the Factory Reset is starting and you can release the buttons
  5. Once the reset is complete, it will prompt you to go back and activate your Relay. This is normal and you will not be charged. 
  6. After the reset, if it does not state, "Your Relay is not activated....", the factory reset was not completed, and you may need to repeat these steps. 

Additional Notes

  • Factory Data Reset is used to reset the Relay to its factory state to clear unexpected software issues. Note, this will not allow it to move to another account. It must be (re)activated on the originally activated account to be available for use.
  • Factory Data Reset will also remove any music that has been stored on the device.
  • Factory Resetting a Relay will NOT remove the latest Firmware/ROM.

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