Relay App General Common Questions:

Q: Does Relay have roaming capabilities?

A: Yes!  We work with many different cellular partners to provide ample coverage. If you run into coverage issue, please contact support. We'll be able to review locations and possibly change carriers for you! 

Q: Will Relay firmware updates download over WiFi?

A:  Yes, the Relay will perform firmware (device version) updates over either WiFi or cellular data connections.

Q:  What does it mean if a Relay is "offline"?

A: The Relay is either powered off or doesn't not have a solid data connection (WiFi or cellular) in order to communicate with our Relay servers.  This can also be when the Relay has not been used and has not reached out to communicate for an extended period.

Q: Can the Relay Application Run in the Background consistently?

A: At this time, the Relay App will run in the background for 60 seconds only (if enabled in the App Settings). Running applications in the background can cause significant battery drainage. We are now working on a new feature in order to resolve this on upcoming app updates! 

Q: Can multiple devices run the Relay App at the same time?

A: Yes, you can add the Relay app onto multiple devices. To achieve this, you will need to use the same login for each device. 

Q: Will the Relay Device Get a Response That the App Is Not Online When Sending a Message?

A: No. The Relay device does not know if the Relay App is offline. Thus, there will be no alert that the app is not in use. 

Q: Can the Relay App be installed on a Desktop or Laptop?

A: At this time, Relay App is only offered through iOS and Android. Due to the design and features of Relay, we are not currently exploring this option.
Although, should you have ideas, head on over to the Neighborhood!
Under the 'Ideas' Section, feel free to pitch any of those ideas with us, and the community can even vote on your idea! 

Q: Can the Relay App Receive Notifications When Contacted by a Relay?

A: Yes.  Ensure both Relay and the Relay App are up to date in order to receive such notifications. 

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