Q: Does Relay have roaming capabilities?

A: Yes.  We work with many different cellular partners to provide ample coverage. If you run into coverage issue, please contact support to have us review and possibly change carriers for you.

Q: How long does the battery last?

A: Currently and with regular use, we are seeing up to two days (dependent on coverage).

Q: Will Relay firmware updates download over WiFi?

A:  Yes, the Relay will process firmware updates over either WiFi or cellular data connections.

Q: How water resistant is Relay?

A: Relay can withstand a strong rain storm or a quick drop into a puddle without any issue.

Q:  What does it mean if a Relay is "offline"?

A: The Relay is either off or doesn't not have a solid data connection (WiFi or cellular) to communicate with our Relay servers.  This can also be when the Relay has not been used and has not reached out to communicate for a extended period. 

Q: What does the "sad" sound after trying to speak mean?

A: It means that your message didn't go through

Q: Can the Relay app be installed on a desktop or laptop?

A: No we only offer iOS and Android apps. We have no plans for a desktop app at this time. If you have an idea and use case for this please visit our Ideas section of the Neighborhood to add or vote on it.

Q: Will the Relay notify you if nobody is available when you send a message?

A: Yes.  The Relay will give an error message such as "No one in your group is online."

Q: Can location notifications be made based on movement?

A: At this time, that feature is not available but we are investigating geo-fencing.

Q: Will the location history display when the Relay is offline?

A: Yes.  Remember the map only updates when you actively look for the location in the Relay app. 

Q: Can the Relay and/or the Relay App initiate voice calls?

A: No, you can't make traditional calls with your Relay or the Relay app.

Q: Does a factory reset also remove software (ROM) updates:

A: No.  This is because software updates change the BIOS which is not modified during factory resets. 

Q: Can a Relay's location be found if the device is powered off?

A: No.  The Relay must be powered on to actively be looked at from with in the app. 

Q: Can I sign into my account on my computer and track my Relays?

A: You can only access the Location data directly from the Relay app.

Q: If my Relay is in another channel, will I miss messages on the main Relay channel?

A: No, you will not miss message. You will be automatically switched to the main Relay channel.

Q: Is it possible to listen in on a child's Relay or initiate a call without them pressing the button.

A: No.  This is because we take security very seriously. 

Q: Can the Relay App Receive Notifications When Contacted by a Relay?

A: Yes.  The Relay and Relay app mus be up to date to receive these notifications. 

Q: Can the Relay Application Be Run in the Background?

A: No. However, we are working on a new feature to resolve this. 

Q: How Do I Speak to Only One Relay at a Time?

A: A custom channel will need to be set up to talk directly to a specific Relay. You will need to meet at the same time in the channel to speak. If both parties are not on the channel at the same time it will not work.

Q: Will the Relay Get a Response That the Relay App Is Not Online  When Sending a Message?

A: No. The Relay will not know if the Relay app is offline. If there is only one Relay on the account, then they will hear "No one in your group is online." If there is more than one Relay and the other Relays are powered on, then there will be no alert that the Relay app is not in use.

Q: Can multiple devices run the Relay App at the same time?

A: Yes, you can add the Relay app onto multiple devices. You will need to use the same login on all of them.

If we are missing a question that you have, please reach out to Relay Support

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