1. Open the Relay app.
  2. Tap on the 'Menu Icon'
    (Three horizontal lines on the upper left corner of the screen) 
  3. Under the Relay section, Tap on the Relay device you wish to rename.
  4. Tap on the 'Options Icon'
    (Three vertical dots near the upper right side of the screen)
  5. Tap on 'Change Name'
  6. Enter the name you'd like to use! Make it unique, make it fun!
    Examples: Bubbly Mermaid, Giggly Spaceman! 
  7. Tap 'Save

All done! 

Additional Information: 

  • Names must be between 3 & 32 characters. 
  • Must contain letters, numbers and spaces. 
  • At this time special characters are NOT allowed. 
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