How to Activate Your Relay Video


  1. Open Relay - Un-box the Relay you want to activate
  2. Grab your smartphone - Make sure your phone is turned on       
  3. Download the Relay app - Click one of the following links for the Google Play or the Apple App Store and install the Relay by Republic app.
  4. Sign into your account - Sign into your account, or create a new one, then follow the instructions on the screen to finish your activation 
  5. If having issues with activation, please try the activation over WiFi
  6. For details on how to use your Relay check out our quick start guide

Additional Notes

  • Only one Relay can be activated at a time
  • If a second Relay is activated, the terms and conditions screen will be skipped 
  • The Relay will probably not be on the latest firmware release. After activation you will need to manually force the Relay to upgrade if you want it up upgrade outside of the normal update hours (overnight)

What to do after activating

Once you are activated please make sure that you upgrade your Relay. It may be a few versions behind. We do lots of releases and are constantly adding features.

Quick Start Guide - A quick reference guide to using the Relay with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials.
How to message people - This is a guide to how to use channels to talk to different people.
Learn about our Channels - A short description of all of our different channels.

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